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Welcome to Rapha Clinic
Innovative and Integrative Healthcare Centers!

“Patient focused, Quality focused, Results focused!”

Since its foundation, Rapha Clinic has been focusing on Injury and Pain Management, and we have successfully treated conditions, including automobile, work, sports injuries as well as acute and chronic pain.

Many Conditions Treated

Today, many patients are seeking care with conditions involving, Spine, Joints, Muscles, Nerves and other soft tissue (Ligaments and Tendons) problems as well as Stress, Sleep Loss, Anxiety, Depression and Weight Loss along with other hormonal and endocrine issues.

Integrative, Holistic Healthcare

Rapha Clinic provides integrative, holistic health care- combining conventional care with complementary and alternative systems. Rapha Clinic’s doctors and staff evaluate and treat “patients” with conditions, they strive to treat “cause” as well as symptoms.

Call for Another Opinion!

If you’ve been suffering and haven’t received effective treatment, Email at or Call Rapha Clinic for another opinion. You may be surprised by how quickly you can experience relief for your condition and return to your optimal health.

Potomac Falls, VA (Sterling) | (703) 444-4030

Arlington, VA (Rosslyn Metro Center) | (703) 816-5900

Lansdowne, VA | (703) 321-6540